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Tea Pot Cozies

Cozies come in two styles, Reversible and Nonreversible.


These cozies can be made in any fabric available on my Fabric page or in either style. Please contact me if you would like one or more in another fabric or style.

New 6 Cup Tea Cozy

 Non reversible 6 cup Tea Cozy in the print of your choice. These Tea Cozies have Insul-bright as the padding to keep the tea pot hot. The pictures at the left show the Tea Cozy made up in Blueberries My Way print and the White Multi-colored Lupin print as examples.  We can make them in any fabric pictured on the Fabric page. Please specify your fabric choice when ordering, and allow two weeks for delivery. Lining and fabric for the ties are subject to change according to availability.

Available in 6 cup size only.

6 cup cozy  $15.00  


Reversible Tea Cozy

Drawstring Tea Cozy. Cozy has contrasting ribbons with satin ribbon roses on the bottom ties. It is two cozies in one, being reversible, using the black background print. It has Insul-bright batting keeping the tea pot hot. Available in 3 and 6 cup size.

3 cup cozy  $24.95  

6 cup cozy $26.95     


The cranberry fabric shown is no longer available.


Please specify in Shopping Cart color and Reversible color.

Light House Tea Cozy

Tea Cozy using the "New England Beacons" Light House print. It is two cozies in one being reversible using the beige, blue or green print. It has insul-bright batting to keep the tea pot hot. It is tied with contrasting ribbons. It is available in 3 or 6 cup size.

3 cup cozy  $24.95  

6 cup cozy $26.95  


Please specify in Shopping Cart color and Reversible color.