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 I was born and raised in the little fishing village of Jonesport, on the coast of Maine. My true love has always been sewing, until many years down the road I discovered that I was an artist as well. I started sewing at the age of 14. Some years later I started painting.  I have painted the ordinary, the dilapidated and the disappearing in an effort to preserve important history for local residents and visitors of the Jonesport/Beals Island area. One person describes my paintings as a mix of folk art charm and a color pallet reminiscent of Van Gough's" Starry Night".

My original Paintings are offered in note cards, prints matted or unmatted, magnets and bookmarks. There are also paintings that do not represent the area. My work can be viewed in the art section of this site.

Art has allowed me to become an independent fabric designer nearly 9 years ago. The first and second designs were blueberry prints. The third design is "New England Beacons", representing 4 Maine lighthouses and Boston Light. On this design I have represented the United States Coastguard  having received permission from their headquarters in Washington D.C.  Next came my "Atlantic Puffins" print. The latest design is "Multi-colored Lupin". I have printed a total of 20,000 yards and am still selling to customers all over the United States and overseas. Little did I know what would come from a little paintbrush! But, I am so happy and thankful  for where  it has taken me as a business.

Please feel free to contact me during regular business hours in Eastern Standard Time or by email.
207 497 2864   jolenesoriginals@hotmail.com


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